The threat to national security. Who in the Baltics are not happy with the Ukrainians

The Minister of internal Affairs of Estonia, Mart Helme, said that Ukrainians don't need to invite into the country picking strawberries, and have proposed a bill allowing the government unilaterally to cancel visas and work permits for citizens of countries outside the EU. Why official Tallinn supports the current Kiev, but do not want to see workers — versed RIA Novosti.

"We are capable of nothing without the Ukrainians. Can't without them, to build, to collect the strawberries. Soon we've forgotten how to publish Newspapers and making television programmes," exaggerate the interior Minister.

Estonians cannot change their state in the "several tons of strawberries," convinced the helm, because the Ukrainians are occupied mainly in agriculture. And if the workers will continue to be as active to come to Estonia, their number will be equal, for example, with a population of Tallinn (about 450 thousand people).

The beginning of strawberry season — just an excuse to talk about tightening the rules of entry. Helme, head of the Estonian conservative people's party, advocated the abolition bezveza for citizens of Ukraine even before the quarantine, in the fall of 2019. He explained that come ideologically and ethnically wrong Ukrainians. "It's Russian from East Ukraine, Russified Ukrainians, or simply "Homo Sovieticus", — claimed the head of the interior Ministry, complaining about the Estonian media to "migration pressure from the East."

Farmers have written an open letter calling soon to let Ukrainians in Estonia for seasonal work.

But the Minister of agriculture Arvo Aller pointed out that in Estonia the lack of personal unemployed. "Ukrainians can be, as you note, good staff, but the government must first and foremost take care to employ their people," he explains to the farmers.

In this regard, the authorities intend to show integrity. According to the Minister, the letter of the farmers gives the impression that "Estonia is more nowhere to take labor." But migrant workers will not solve the economic problems, I'm sure Allaire.

The journalists went to the strawberry fields. Indeed, the harvest came mostly local. "But some Ukrainians who have lost their job in Tallinn, also took to the company", — said the reporter.

Today in Estonia for short-term work permits 16 540 foreigners. The majority (over 12 thousand) Ukrainians. Population — 1.3 million people.

Valery B. is engaged in business in Estonia, employs workers from abroad. "People are unhappy because migrant workers brought down prices in the labour market. And it is strong. And entrepreneurs in the construction, agriculture and ship repair industry are interested in cheap labor," he explains.

According to him, agricultural business are poorly represented in government, so farmers and made no concessions for newcomers. Here with construction firms is related to many deputies, so that the construction work for the Ukrainians there.

Have a lot of mutual claims, emphasizes the Agency. Ukrainians often consider their proposed conditions as onerous. Estonians annoying that they come to be people without skills.

Estonian public activist Andrey Zarenkov believes that strawberry crisis is "utterly brazen farmers" who "leave the slave labour of Ukrainians." "They are even willing to have all rotted, but wages do not increase," he writes.

A political refugee from the Ukraine, Alexander Medina lives in Finland. According to his observations, the influx of migrant workers unhappy and there. And suppliers of cheap labour often are the representatives of the friendly Finland to Estonia. "The Estonians are taking the Ukrainians in Finland the Charter. Sometimes they are, in fact, resell them, and people working for lower wages, because the difference is assigned," — he said RIA Novosti.

"Finland is still a welfare state. In comparison with Estonia and Poland, where employers often try to exploit migrant workers here take it easy," adds Medina.

According to the Russian analyst Aleksandr Nosovich, "Ukrainians in Estonia — the question is not so much economic as political." "Ethnic Estonians are very few, they are on the verge of extinction. Thirty years of independence the country had lost about ten percent of the population. Children of migrants in the second generation assimilyatsiya and forget about their origin. In this situation, the arrival of the Slavs perceived as a threat to national security", — said the expert.

Think so many politicians, says the Metropolitan. "The basic tenets of Estonia Estonia is written in the Constitution, and declares the nation combine their language," he says.

"You can draw an analogy with Soviet times, when Latvia and Estonia, where the lack of workers and technicians was sent by people from other republics, including the Ukrainian SSR. Just now going seasonal workers — continues Nosovich. — Statements Helme that it is some "not the Ukrainians," — the attempt to synchronize the Pro-Ukrainian foreign policy with anti internal. For ethnic Estonian nationalist actually is no difference: the Western Ukrainian or Eastern, "scoop" or the Ukraine, it is Ukrainian from Russian is not different, and does not want to distinguish. He's just nestenes, who arrived in his country and is ready to take the family here. And it is a threat."

The analyst believes that the Baltic Republic will have to survive the crisis of national identity. "This country, like other countries of Eastern Europe, is tempted to develop at the expense of cheap labor, which after the Maidan regularly received from Ukraine. Poland, for example, took advantage of this and ensured the growth of the economy. Estonia, too, may go this route. But how then to build hands of migrant workers Estonia for Estonians?" — says the Metropolitan.

Policy in Tallinn found a unique solution: just as in the 90s was struck in the rights of "non-titular" citizens, the government will complicate the life of migrant workers, the expert assumes. This is contrary to European values. But the Baltic Republic has repeatedly proven that these same values little what they mean.