Who commented on the U.S. decision to break off relations with the organization

The cuts to the world health organization (who) in Washington is a concern, said the Director of the regional office of the organization in Europe Hans Kluge.

"The United States has long been a partner of who, and I've seen a lot of support of the American people and how they saved lives. So, indeed, concern the current situation, because the funding cuts will hurt many people, this program of vaccination against tuberculosis and other diseases. So in this sense we hope that this cooperation will continue," he said during an online discussion on "Vaccine COVID-19: common heritage or every man for himself? International cooperation in the era of pandemic," organized by the club "Valdai".

Kluge also thanked Russia and other countries who in the last world health Assembly expressed its support for the mandate of the organization.

The US President Donald trump said earlier that the country stops its cooperation with the who, because the organization "has refused to carry out the required reforms." According to him, the US "will redirect these funds to the world urgent needs of health." Trump had previously accused the who of concealing the extent of the epidemic of coronavirus in China's interest.

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