The Ambassador of Russia has accused the West writing "textbook" for Belarus

The statement of the diplomatic missions of the USA, the UK and the EU on the elections in Belarus more resembles a textbook for negligent student, it seems strange, said Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev.

"Yesterday issued a statement of the embassies of the US, UK and several EU countries, which are accredited here in Minsk. This statement relates to how Belarus should organize their presidential elections... This text reminds of the tutorial that should read attentive student. And God forbid he not follow what is written there. The appeal in this form to a sovereign and independent state, active and very successful participant of the international associations and organizations - at least looks strange," said Mezentsev during the online conference "Russia and Belarus: the future after the pandemic."

Britain and the EU urged the Belarusian authorities to ensure the conduct of safe, free presidential elections with observance of fundamental freedoms, and counting on an invitation of international observers, said in a joint statement of the diplomatic missions of these countries.

There is also expressed the hope that Belarus promptly officially invited observers of OSCE Office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE calls upon the Belarusian authorities demonstrate a willingness to implement recommendations of the mission on the basis of previous observations of elections in the country.

The document stresses that the process of registration of presidential candidates should be fair and transparent, and should not include any politically motivated restrictive measures.

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. Currently, signatures in support of his nomination candidates collected 14 contenders for the presidency. Registration of presidential candidates will be held from 5 to 14 July, after which starts the period of election campaign.