Shaposhnikov said he was ready to test his Declaration by the Commission of MGD

The Moscow city Duma Chairman Alexei Shaposhnikov said he was not opposed to checking the non-public part of the Declaration by the Commission of MGD.

He explained that there are two parts to the Declaration: public and nonpublic.

"With this (non-public) part of the can see the inspection bodies, and we have a corresponding Commission in the Moscow city Duma, where we served these declarations," said Shaposhnikov.

Shaposhnikov said that is not going to resign or suspend their activities until after the test. "Because I don't think it's any investigation, it is juggling, juggling open facts," - said the head of MHD.

Previously on the website of the Moscow city Duma published data on incomes, property and obligations of property character, from which it follows that the amount of reported income Shaposhnikov in 2019 amounted to more than 1.95 billion. A year earlier it earned nearly 24.4 million rubles. Later, Shaposhnikov explained to the journalists that reported income from the sale of securities. The FCO said that in 2018, the speaker of Moscow city Council supposedly made "real money" 870 million rubles to the Charter capital of the company "Your consulting", with the result that 99% of the shares of the company were transferred to Shaposhnikov from his father. Shaposhnikov said that the lawyers of the company "Your consulting" consider the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Navalny in connection with this publication and a possible violation of the law.

According to the Chairman of MGD in 2018, has sold 100% stake in the company Severyanin, these funds were made 870 million to the Charter capital of the organization "Your consulting ", they were made from the account Shaposhnikov. The deal was continuing, from 2018 to 2019, at the time of filing of the Declaration subject to income to reflect the Declaration was not.

He explained that the amount of the transaction for the sale of shares amounted to 1 billion 900 million rubles.