Police will investigate a visit Zelensky in a cafe in Khmelnytskyi during the quarantine

The police will consider the question of a possible violation of the quarantine by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky when visiting a café in Khmelnitsky, said on Thursday Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

Zelensky Wednesday had coffee in one of the cafes in Khmelnytskyi, despite the fact that the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 accommodation establishments are allowed only on summer playgrounds, full-time job of eating places will only be allowed from June 5. A photo of the President published in his Facebook office. The penalty for violating quarantine in Ukraine amounts to 17 thousand hryvnia (over $ 630). Himself Zelensky said that he is ready to pay the penalty if he broke the quarantine.

"Police is no stranger to fine President. When Vladimir Zelensky showed his ballot in April 2019, he was fined for disclosing the secrecy of the vote. Therefore, the competent police authorities will consider this issue... Fine, you know, for violating quarantine regulations – 17 thousand UAH. But the fault is in this case, the President and those present with him, you need to understand, proceeding from the General context of the situation", - quotes Gerashchenko, the Agency UNIAN.

The government of Ukraine from March 12 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 introduced a nationwide quarantine for a month, later it was prolonged several times. The Cabinet also decided to soften a number of restrictive measures on may 11 in connection with a controlled epidemiological situation. On the first of the five stages of relaxation of constraints, the Ukrainian authorities have allowed the work of hairdressers and beauty salons, has opened a summer Playground cafes and restaurants, the ban was lifted on walks in the parks, resumed work the food stores. The twenty-second of may, Ukraine launched the second stage at which the country resumed work of public transport, hotels and kindergartens.

Since June 1, Ukraine has begun the third stage of the weakening of the quarantine allowed the work pools and gyms, and resumed the movement of railway transport and intercity transport vehicles. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at a meeting on Wednesday adopted a decision on the next softening of quarantine because of the prosperous situation of the coronavirus, including June 5, will resume domestic flights, earn a full of eating places.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world revealed more than 6.2 million cases of infection, almost 380 thousand people died.

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