The Kremlin stated a stabilization in the world markets of energy resources

Moscow says the stabilization on the world markets of energy resources, the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak is in constant contact for the development of the situation with their colleagues from other countries, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

"In General, we observe a stabilization on the international energy markets. And again, Novak is in contact with its partners, all the rest of some announcements we do not believe it is now possible," he added.

OPEC agreed on 12 April on the reduction of oil production to 9.7 million barrels per day in may-June, 7.7 million in the second half of the year and 5.8 million next until the end of April 2022. Base count taken October 2018, but for Russia and Saudi Arabia taken 11 million barrels per day, from which by analogy with all is a decrease of 23%, 18% and 14% respectively.

June 9-10 originally planned to hold a meeting of the Alliance for the future of the agreement, but then OPEC started to discuss the possibility of holding the meeting on 4 June to have the opportunity to shape the July programme on the basis of the results of the decisions under the agreement. However, on Wednesday there appeared information that the OPEC meeting on 4 June may not take place until the problem is solved with a violation of quotas by some countries.