Removed from the family in Brjansk year-old girl weighed nine pounds

Girl hospitalized from a foster home in the city of Bryansk with exhaustion and frostbite, weighed only 9 pounds, now she is in a medical facility, said Commissioner for children's rights in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova.

After hospitalization of a foster family in Bryansk girls with frostbite of the feet a consequence opened a criminal case under three articles. As explained in the Investigation Committee, she had been adopted from a shelter by a couple. That the child is in a depleted state, the investigation became known from media reports. Now the girl is in the hospital. According to preliminary data, she lived with foster parents who abuse alcohol. The guardian of a child detained, said SU IC.

"Another resonant case occurred in the Bryansk region – here in foster care was discovered emaciated 7-year-old girl who weighed only 9 pounds... the Feeling that the child after him 6 years ago was transferred to a foster family, simply became invisible to the system," said Kuznetsova, whose words are given on the website of the children's Commissioner.

The Ombudsman has called this incident a result of the omission of a system of prevention, which did not work, did not see this child.

"No one visited, no one saw that she lives in a musty, cluttered room under the hinged lock. The child does not speak, can not take care of themselves, and if it is proved that it acquired the effects of the relationship to her adoptive parents, it is a terrible crime against a child," said the Commissioner.

She is now in the hospital for a full examination of the condition of her health, added Kuznetsova.