For flight to the ISS on the ship the Mask chose the first tourists

The first three tourists to fly to the International space station Crew on the ship Dragon company SpaceX Elon musk is selected, they will be announced in a month, reported CNBC, citing Executive Director of the company Axiom Space Michael Suffredini.

In March, Axiom Space has ordered from SpaceX Crew Dragon flight to the ISS with a crew of professional commander and three tourists in the second half of 2021.

As reported by CNBC Suffredini, three tourists to fly to the ISS planned in October 2021, has already been determined and will be announced in about a month.

According to him, the company is in talks with potential tourists for the next two flights to be carried out every six months.

In January, Axiom Space announced that it plans to create four commercial module (hub, research / industrial, residential and review) for the ISS with the launch of the first in 2024. In the future, after the decision on the completion of the ISS, these modules will be undocked from the station and form a separate commercial station. It will doosnastit great energy platform.

Company Axiom Space founded in 2016, the former head of program MKS in NASA Michael Suffredini.

In the years 2001-2009 on the Russian ships "the Union" contract with the American company Space Adventures to the ISS was delivered of seven tourists, including two American Charles Simonyi.