Shopping in mourning: in Madrid shopping, things pass quarantine

The government of the community of Madrid this week appealed to the Ministry of health of Spain with the request to allow the region to move on to the next, second, phase of the so-called "de-escalation", the easing of the quarantine measures to coronavirus. If the authorities agree, then next Monday in the capital area and can be opened large shopping centers.

Meanwhile, the capital's residents can update your wardrobe in small shops, which began to open in may. RIA news decided to go on them and learn how they work in the new environment.

Salamanca – the most expensive district of the Spanish capital, here are the shops of prestigious brands, it is here "in a past life" went Chinese and Russian tourists to get models from the latest collections.

Shop Superdry is located at the beginning of Serrano street. Radom on the square – the triumphal arch with its a black mourning ribbon in the middle. In Madrid mourning was declared in late March, the entire country last week. This is the long national mourning in the history of democratic Spain – ten days. It will end on 6 June. Victims of coronavirus COVID-19 were more than 27 thousand people, and their number continues to increase, hospitals are about 5 thousand patients.

Despite the mourning, Madrid continues to stubbornly move to the new reality (or, as I prefer to speak Spanish power, a "new normality"). In may, the small shops first allowed to take customers by appointment, and then without an appointment but subject to strict sanitary standards.

At the entrance to the Superdry advertising. 50% percent discount for the second purchased item. The store opened on 18 may, but in the first week buyers were very few. "No one could understand whether it is possible to walk to stores, shops and what time," explains the salesman Jose. At zero and first stage of easing of the quarantine is in effect the timetable in which time is allowed to go for walks. After the reopening of shops and terraces of bars and restaurants, many raised the question: whether it is necessary and to visit them "on schedule." The power really never explained, and since there is no specific legislation had been adopted, the people of Madrid decided to act on the principle that what is not forbidden is allowed. In the first week after opening the store served approximately ten visitors, since this is about 50.

Near the cash register is a strange iron device with a height just below the height of a man. Jose explains that with his help disinfect the clothes after the fitting, if not buy. The device operates by means of hot steam, and according to the seller, "destroys COVID". For softer tissue use a "special spray".

Jose said that the new rules, that result in additional work (for example, it is necessary to disinfect the changing rooms after each visitor), will continue to apply for two or three months.

He admits he does not understand those who prefer to order on the Internet. "I love to read. But never in my life read e-books. Going soon to go to my favorite bookstore, buy a book, talk to the seller, who I have known for many years. Is Internet can this be replaced?" he says.

Virginia came into the store Adolfo Dominguez for the first time since February, when it was still winter collection. "I've dreamed of this moment. We have been cooped up inside. Spain was the most rigid quarantine in Europe. I needed something "for the soul", no matter what. Just wanted to buy something", - the girl admits and shows his new outfit – pants and a t-shirt.

In this shop the seller says that if the thing died, but not bought, then it is sent to quarantine for 48 hours (ie, removed from the audience), and "then it is disinfected". What is this disinfection, he could not tell. The press service of the Adolfo Dominguez, where RIA Novosti asked for official comment were undecided. "Our stores follow the norms established by the Ministry of health as well as the particular Protocol of the company", - said there. Today opened 45 of the 188 stores that have this company in Spain.

Protocols in all stores in General is the same: at the entrance is a disinfecting gel for hands, which every member should take advantage of, lie mask and gloves, use all of the dressing at a time – employees this is strictly monitored, if the thing don't buy, the sellers must sanitize - someone just sends in quarantine for 48 hours, someone do it with a couple, especially for thin fabrics use the spray. According to a specially adopted law, the sellers have to wash the changing rooms after each client, area twice a day (very carefully - the door handles, Windows, furniture, railings, phones, hangers, shopping cart – all is what most often touch), and yourself must constantly wash hands, wear masks, process jobs, equipped with the new regulations transparent protective screen, daily wash the clothes that work (the law is written, even the washing temperature from 60 to 90 degrees). Customers are prohibited to use the toilets – "except in cases of extreme necessity". Spelled out and what should be trash can be opened by pressing on the pedal.

Sarah, the store says that "sales are bad", and believes that the situation will not change, "until the return of tourists". A day in the shop go to ten people maximum, and the situation can not save even discount. "I think sooner or later we will return to normal operation when you do not have to constantly wash everything. But you get used to everything. If you do nothing and wait for buyers, boring," she says.

Companies tout their regular customers – send out emails with information about opening and existing stores, making phone calls. "The leadership instructed to call all, who is in the database. Many customers are surprised that we are already open," - said the representative of Purificación García.

Count on the traditional summer discounts for Spaniards – at least in clothing stores - is not necessary. In the law of the Ministry of health clearly States that they "are unable to declare and to conduct trading activities which can lead to congestion within shopping areas, and near". However, this measure will not affect the sales online.

The Shoe seller said that he only opened two days ago and during this time she was able to sell only one pair. "Nearby almost all the restaurants are closed, so nobody comes", explains the woman. For fitting shoes clients distribute socks made of polyethylene, the Central office sent a machine equipped with a UV lamp for disinfection. Sent tissue mask for sellers. But they are uncomfortable, complains woman: glasses fog up, and breathing hard. "I do not myself. It is very difficult psychologically - after so much time sitting at home. But sellers from nearby shops, who began to work before they say that only the first days of this strange condition. Then everything is fine," she says.