In Magadan, the killer of four people received a life sentence

The court in Magadan admitted the 24-year-old resident of the city Sergey Svecica guilty in the murder of four people, robbery and theft and sentenced him to life imprisonment in a colony of special regime, said on Thursday SUCK Russia in the region.

The consequence and court it is established that Shvachich on the night of 25 December 2018 fell out with drinking buddy and killed him in the apartment house on River street in Magadan, the next day he stole the property of the deceased for the sum more than 66 thousand rubles.

Crime uncovered in hot pursuit, but previously convicted Shvachich pleaded not guilty.

"The Board of jurors found the defendant guilty of all incriminated acts. The Magadan regional court sentence on set of crimes committed by Sergei Svecica sentenced to imprisonment for life in a penal colony of special regime", - reports the Agency.

Verdict in force has not entered.