In the Tambov region died the eleventh patient with COVID-19

An elderly woman, hospitalized with severe pneumonia after ten days of self-treatment, became 11-m the deceased patient with confirmed coronavirus infection in the Tambov region, reports the regional administration.

"The eleventh case of death from complications of coronavirus infection recorded in the Tambov region. Woman of 75 years, a resident of Tambov, medical help was not sought," - said in the message.

According to the administration, the patient ten days after the onset of the disease was hospitalized with severe bilateral pneumonia.

"When you receive a critical condition. Despite intensive treatment and resuscitation in eight hours after admission death", - stated in the message.

At the conclusion of post-mortem examinations, the woman confirmed bilateral total viral pneumonia caused by CОVID-19, developed on the background of obesity fourth degree, hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes. "The disease was complicated by acute respiratory failure, respiratory distress syndrome with the development in the finale of pronounced pulmonary edema," - noted the regional authorities.

Only in the region of 3175 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, from them 1125 - without clinical manifestations. Recovered, according to the latest data, 1388 people, was discharged from the hospital 645 patients removed from outpatient care at home 743.

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