Transgender in Bryansk have changed the verdict for posts with pornography

The Soviet district court of Bryansk issued a new verdict in the case of transgender Michelle, commute the punishment for spreading in the social network of pornographic images of children from 3 years of imprisonment up to 2 years of correctional labor, the message on the court's website.

"The court found him guilty of committing these crimes and sentenced to 2 years of correctional labor and a fine in the amount of 50 000 thousand rubles", - stated in the message.

Earlier Soviet district court of Bryansk appointed to it punishment in the form of three years of imprisonment in a penal colony for posting on his page in the social network drawings, pornographic images of minors. History this sentence has received wide attention in the media and social networks, after activists reported that a man calling himself a female name Michelle, a doctor by training, is a "transgender man" who has not yet completed gender transition. Fearing that he would be sent to the men's colony, activists launched a campaign in support of it.

In January, the judicial Board on criminal cases of Bryansk regional court has directed business on new consideration to the same court, but with a different composition. In the end, Wednesday was issued a new sentence that had not yet entered into force.