Thailand has registered 17 of "import" of infection with coronavirus

17 new coronavirus infection was registered in Thailand on Thursday, all the intrusion of "import", reported the press Secretary of the Centre for combating coronavirus infection Thailand Thavisin Vienojoties.

"Today, there are 17 cases of infection, all patients were admitted to hospital from the state quarantine after returning to the export to Russia from abroad", - said Pisanuloke at the briefing.

"New patients are divided into three groups according to the countries from which they arrived: 13 people from Kuwait and two from Qatar and two from Saudi Arabia," he said.

"Some people say now: in the country of infection no, but we let the Thai people from abroad, many of whom are infected. It is necessary, they say, to stop to let them into the country. But we can't do that, because to go home is the right of every citizen of Thailand that cannot be challenged," said Vienojoties.

The press Secretary also called overall statistics for June 4: total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic in Thailand – 3 101 people, the total number of deaths from coronavirus infection is still 58 people, fully recovered – 2 968 people.

The first infection of coronavirus infection in Thailand was revealed in mid-January, a Chinese tourist. The largest number of infected per day, 188 people, was marked on 22 March. All, according to the center for the fight against the pandemic, until March 26, when it was introduced a state of emergency and isolation, in the country has infected about 2 thousand people, i.e. one third of the total number of cases. Since the end of March – beginning of April the daily number of reported new infections in Thailand has been steadily falling, but in mid-April for several days, the fall stopped due to the start of a mass campaign for the removal of the Thais from abroad, primarily from countries with the greatest number of infections. By mid-may of infection in the country practically stopped, while the export campaign continued, almost all new infections registered in Thailand, registered with have returned home to the Thais.

Since early may, Thailand has started to gradually ease restrictions in pandemic, dividing them into 4 stages for 14 days. From 1 June began the third phase of the easing of restrictions, however, mask mode and social distancing, as well as mandatory hand disinfection at the entrance to the objects of trade and public catering, as well as in government offices and office complexes, remained in force.

In connection with the risk of importation of infection from abroad and the emergence of a second wave of infections, the government of Thailand until 30 June extended the ban on arrival of all international passenger flights, except for export and medical evacuation. The ban was in force from 4 April and already several times renewed. The country's borders remain closed to the entry of foreign citizens, except those who have permission to work in Thailand, which allowed the arrival in the country in cases of extreme business need, upon confirmation of such need by the Ambassador of Thailand to the country of nationality of the alien.

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