"You're an accomplice to this crime": the assumption the daughter accused the mother "greed"

The daughter of singer Lyubov Uspenskaya Tatiana Plaksina on his page on Instagram was criticized representatives of show business, accusing its mother in "profit on degradation".

Plaksina said that "impersonal crowd" manipulates the representatives of show business. According to her, pop stars because of silence and indifference "sold all".

"You're an accomplice to the crime, Mama. You're one of the tops, you're the Queen, you profited from degradation!" — wrote a daughter of the assumption.

She also criticized the detractors who leave negative comments about her work, stating that they have no right calling themselves the "sick man".

"Dear nravouchitel and everyone who wants me to "help" is my account, my page, my rules - I tell my audience," wrote Plaksina, calling those commentators who don't like her pictures "to show the degree of a critic".

The assumption previously stated that her daughter left Russia to USA because of the scandal in the family that occurred after the statement of Plaksina in the show "the Stars aligned" on NTV that the mother allegedly scoffed at her. Plaksina is the only child of the assumption.