In Yaroslavl, told about the successful test of a drug against COVID-19

The Yaroslavl physicians experienced in the treatment of COVID-19 several drugs and noted their positive effect on patients, reported the regional operational headquarters.

The Yaroslavl hospital of war veterans involved in the study of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus infection. There are three open research center who are studying three drugs for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus infection: "Olokesusi", "Aviewer" and "Galavit".

"Olokesusi" refers to the group of anti-inflammatory drugs. Previously, it was used in rheumatology, but for the treatment of coronavirus infection it is used for the first time. Explore the hospital and the drug from coronavirus infection, "Avidavit". It's given to patients who are already infected and need antiviral therapy," - said oberstab Telegram-channel on the situation for the coronavirus in the region.

On Wednesday, the doctors began to experience "Galavit", previously used in surgery and neurosurgery. The drug has a good immunomodulatory properties, said chief freelance therapist of the regional Department of health Maria Mozheyko. "The study we will conduct among doctors, nurses who work in the centers, with a high viral concentration. The drug is necessary for prevention. Ten days of taking the drug, and we'll see what effect it has. The first data on the Moscow clinics are very good," she said.

Monitoring of patients receiving new drugs is carried out almost around the clock, and they are all under constant control not only the doctors in the hospital, but also the main experts of the region: physician, pulmonologist and endocrinologist.

"For the time that we are working with coronavirus infection, we realized that the pneumonia most patients cannot be treated with antibiotics. And now we understand that these new directions in the treatment justified. We see how ill carry it well, and see the effect in the treatment decrease in temperature, disappearance of intoxication, without any side effects," - said the chief freelance pulmonologist of the Department of health Nikolay Poyarkov.

It is noted that the trials will run for at least a month, during which patients will be carried out constant observation for two weeks in the hospital, and then another two weeks at home.

In the Yaroslavl region 3356 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 896 recovered, 14 died.

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