Spain extended the high alert

The Congress of deputies of the Spanish Parliament voted to extend the regime of high alert until 21 June in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

"For" vote of 177 deputies, against - 155, 18 abstained.

This is the sixth and final extension of the regime imposed by the government on 14 March. By law, renewal is possible only for fifteen days and each time the Cabinet of Ministers must request the consent of the Congress of deputies.

The extension was voted by the deputies from the ruling Spanish socialist workers ' party (PSOE) and the coalition Unidas Podemos and the centrist party "Citizens" and the Basque nationalist party. It was opposed by the popular party and the far-right VOX.

Addressing the meeting, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that the high alert – "the basic tool for containment of a pandemic". He confirmed that the authorities of the Autonomous communities for the third phase of the lifting of quarantine measures will have full freedom in making decisions on the application of certain criteria, including the timing of final release from quarantine.

The head of the Cabinet said that at the next meeting, on 9 June, the Council of Ministers will adopt a law on the so-called "new normality", which will identify measures to prevent new outbreak after a full lifting of the quarantine. The goal is to develop a common health standards for all areas of the country, which will operate until until a vaccine is developed or not will be found reliable methods of treatment COVID-19.

The Spanish government at the end of April has developed a plan for gradual exit from quarantine, and in different regions of the mitigation measures occurs at different times depending on the epidemiological situation and the preparedness of the health services exacerbate the situation. All four phases (from zero to third). The movement between different regions is limited. 1 June 70% of the population live according to the rules defined for the second phase. 30% (including Madrid and Barcelona) remain on first.

Spain is one of the most affected countries in the world from the coronavirus COVID-19, the number of victims at more than 27 thousand people.

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