As the struggle against racism in the United States resulted in a battle with the marauders

Riots, looting and arson that began after the death in the result of harsh detention by the police, a black resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd, do not cease. In half of the States imposed a curfew, but local authorities often almost inactive. A police force is not enough, and President Donald trump intends to use the regular army to do away with vandalism and looting. How dangerous is this for the President, understood to RIA Novosti.

The Americans waited for the treatment of Donald trump to the nation. But the President hesitated and did so only on 2 June when Washington already smashed shop Windows.

"We are shocked by the death of George Floyd,' he began. But we can't let the angry mob drown a peaceful protest. The main victims — law-abiding citizens and the poorest of the poor. And I will fight to protect them."

"I'm the President of the law and order," said trump. I must say that this slogan is familiar to America.

In 1968, the country was preparing for presidential elections in turbulent times: mass demonstrations against the Vietnam war, the campaign in support of women and racial minorities. After he killed a well-known fighter for the rights of blacks Martin Luther king Jr. and then Senator Robert Kennedy, who had high hopes, Richard Nixon went to the polls under the slogan "law and order".

"You have to accept the fact that the whole problem is really in black" — has explained then the White house chief of staff Harry Haldeman. Since then, the "law and order" in black Americans is associated with police brutality.

The current riots trump called domestic terrorism. In the state of the nation address the President mentioned small business owners who are forced to watch as the hands of the rebels "crumbling of their dreams."

Footage of street looting filled the Internet. The rioters break Windows, take out the goods, paint the walls, Windows and doors. In Santa Monica, for example, from the sportswear shop Vans stole almost everything. And when the journalists of the TV channel Fox 11 asked passers-by where they got a box of sneakers, those was easily evaded. Next was not a single police officer.

This is happening across the country. The calls of the authorities to stop the vandalism in vain. Property protect peaceful protesters and the owners of the business.

In the same Santa Monica at the door of a shop stood a girl with a poster "Stop the violence". She tried to push away, even left at the entrance of a smoke bomb, but she was not afraid. Soon it was joined by a black man with a poster "We are protesting, not looting". These young people came to the city centre to prevent the rioters against peaceful protesters.

A case in San Diego was forced to recall the jokes about the Russian mafia. There are immigrants from the former Soviet republics defended the restaurant Pushkin. The owner of an institution Hayk Ghazaryan confessed to the correspondent of RIA Novosti, he quickly realized that you need to act yourself.

"I have many friends who, like me, more supporters of the Republican thinking (in contrast to the protesters. — Approx. ed.). When on Sunday I realized that trouble called all — and half an hour later they were at the restaurant. Twelve men, with pistols and rifles. The weapon is legal to treat them we trained. And its own space for self-defense, of course, we have the right to use it," explained Ghazaryan. They saved not only Pushkin, but also several neighboring institutions, including especially vulnerable the liquor store, owned by an elderly native of Iraq.

At the other end of the country, in Brooklyn, new York, the townspeople come together in patrols to keep order while the police do nothing. "We are here just for defense. We respect the struggle against racism and the right to protest. But the right to destroy the place where we live with our families, no one, say the organizers of the patrol Boltanski Isaac and David Brodsky. Shame on the mayor of new York because he does not protect us".

The inaction of local authorities unhappy many. The mayor of new York bill de Blasio accused of pandering to looters, recently, his daughter was arrested during the street clashes. Accused and the state Governor Andrew Cuomo, although more recently it was seen as the hero of the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus.

On Monday, de Blasio said that to connect the military is dangerous, it will only worsen the situation. "When the armed forces are in residential areas, nothing good happens," he said. However, the number of police on the streets has doubled from four to eight thousand. The city declared a curfew.

To use the National guard are not in a hurry and other regional leaders, mostly Democrats. Arguments de Blasio repeated the Governor of Oregon Kate brown, of Illinois, Jay Robert Pritzker, Nevada — Steve Sisolak and Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer. The head of Washington state, Jay Margie reiger led military units in readiness, but to deploy them in the cities too, yet did not.

Trump, meanwhile, has threatened to bring war to the streets himself. The President, though commander in chief, may at its discretion, to use Federal armed forces on the territory of States. However, if he will apply the Law of the revolt of 1807, the National guard by his decree, to act without regard to the governors. The last time this was done by the George H. W. Bush in 1992, during the protests in Los Angeles, which began due to the fact that four white policemen beat a black.

However, the reluctance of governors to aggravate relations with the protesters is political, political scientist-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki. "The main task of democracy — do not allow Trump to get re-elected for a second term. While there were no protests, it was possible to keep people quarantined. Now they were given the right to be angry — he said RIA Novosti. — You need to make trump look bad, because according to the rhetoric of Democrats, he is a racist and planted in the society an atmosphere of hatred".

If after all these days of destruction the President take over with the help of the national guard, he will earn political points, and then it will not matter what they say the Democrats. "Tramp, come order point" — here's who will vote in swing States", — said the expert.

He stressed that the situation of racial discrimination in the country is really appalling. And we must not forget, speaking about the protests.

Democrats not only want to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of trump, but try not to scare off voters among minorities, indicates the Deputy Director of the Center for comprehensive European and international studies, NRU HSE Dmitry Suslov. "They are terribly afraid of losing support among non-whites, it is African American — one of the pillars of Joe Biden in the election," — recalls the expert.

Both sides are on the verge of a foul, adds the source. "Democrats are trying to discredit trump, risking to scare away wavering and moderate voters. But trump goes to drastic measures that may lead to more violence and deaths," he explained.