Conte spoke about the decline in the number of cases of coronavirus across Italy

The number of cases infected with coronavirus after a month after the cancellation of the first restrictions is reduced throughout Italy, said the country's Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.

"The downward trend in infections is observed in all regions, from Lombardy to Sicily," he said on Wednesday during a special press conference.

According to him, this proves that a month later, after 4 may, when it was removed the first constraint, the strategy for their gradual abolition was correct. "It gives us confidence, given the decisions that will be taken in the coming weeks," said Conte.

"Data show that the adopted control system works. Works and system progressive elimination of measures," - said the head of the Italian government.

He stressed that the latest monitoring results indicate the absence of critical situations or cases of overload of medical facilities.

"A month after may 4 figures - we can talk about it relatively carefully, but clearly encouraging," said Conte. At the same time, he said, it would be frivolous to waive compliance with social distance, and wearing medical masks.

"We deserve a smile and joy after weeks of heavy casualties," - said the Prime Minister of Italy.

According to official data, as of Wednesday, the total number of cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the Apennines exceeded 233 thousand, more than 160 thousand patients have recovered, the number of victims was 33 601. The number of victims per day increased by 71 people. On the eve for the first time since the beginning of March in the country during the day, there was only 55 deaths in the pandemic COVID-19.

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