Moscow Department of the Treasury provides an enumeration of social payments

Delays or failures in the enumeration of social payments is not in Moscow, the Federal Treasury Department for Moscow promptly provides payments, told RIA Novosti the head of Department Andrey Lukashov.

The Treasury ensures an instant listing of all social benefits and payments, including children, as soon as it receives the necessary documents from the responsible agencies.

In particular, Lukashov said that from June 1 in Russia is carried out by lump sum payments to families with children from 3 to 16 years, in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for each child. The citizens began to apply to FIU for receiving these payments in may, and the employees of the Pension Fund are to forward the documents to the Treasury during the weekend before the start of the payments.

"As a result, by 9 am Monday 90% of payments in the Moscow region were listed, and the rest – transferred to 11 a.m.", - said Lukashov. "Our goal was to provide their transfer to instantly – and that was done," he explained. Without delay by transfer and other payments.

Lukashov has noted that the Federal Treasury Department for Moscow in the period of quarantine restrictions continues to operate at full capacity, despite the fact that some employees were transferred to "udalenka", and remaining in office are required to comply with additional precautions. "It is in no way affected the speed of processing and making payments, I am sure that our customers do not feel the changes", - said Lukashov.