In Greece, tourists will pay for hotel stays in case of illness

The Greek government approved a decree according to which the state will pay for the stay in the quarantine accommodation of foreigners who test positive, according to ATOR.

According to the statement of the Greek authorities, tourists, which will selectively made a test for coronavirus on arrival in the country, will provide a free night at the hotel until ready test results.

If you test positive, the infected COVID-19, depending on the state, may send to quarantine in certain hotels for seven or 14 days (stay they will also pay for Greece).

A similar statement a few days ago, did the government of Cyprus. In particular, the officials promised to cover the expenses of travelers (meals, treatments and accommodation) in case of detection of a coronavirus from them during the holidays.

Independently, the alien will have to pay for the taxi ride to the airport and flight home. However, while this document is not finally approved.