Protection Poroshenko has filed five complaints after a search in the Museum in Kiev

Protection ex-the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has filed five complaints against employees of the state Bureau of investigation during the search in the Museum in Kiev, where they were exhibited paintings, belonging to the family of former head of state and appearing in a criminal case, said Wednesday at a press briefing, lawyer Igor Golovan.

Earlier the employees of the state Bureau of investigation went to the Museum of a name of Ivan Honchar in Kiev, featuring paintings belonging to the family Poroshenko and appearing in the case of smuggling. Law enforcement officers broke down the door to the Museum for an immediate search, a scuffle broke out between police officers and deputies from the party Poroshenko "European solidarity". Deputies in the Museum is not allowed. Channel Direct said that during the brawl from the actions of employees of the state Bureau suffered their journalist. Law enforcement officers during the search, seized the originals of customs declarations on import of the paintings involved in the case of smuggling, which involves Poroshenko. Later, the collection of paintings was arrested and deposited in the same Museum.

"Already appealed the inaction of law enforcement agencies regarding registration of criminal proceedings (initiation of proceedings – ed.) of obstructing activities of people's deputies, the situation is similar in relation to impeding the activity and the beating of journalists" - said Golovanov. The broadcast led TV Direct.

In General, he said, attorneys filed five statements of violations committed, in their opinion, employees of the state Bureau of investigation during a search. In addition to preventing members of Parliament and journalists, according to Golovan, we are talking about abuse of office, illegal entry to the Museum, making knowingly false information in the search Protocol and other documents of the investigation.

Co-Chairman of the faction "European solidarity" Arthur Gerasimov said at a briefing that the state Bureau of investigation before a search warrant, found illegal surveillance of the Museum and its leadership. In addition, according to him, all MPs present at the Museum during the search, went to the police with allegations of obstruction of their activities, unlawful assault and beating of journalists.

"We've already identified almost all who participated in this (in the search – ed.) participation, and we will ensure that all who took part in it, was brought to justice," - said Gerasimov.

Earlier, Poroshenko called on interrogation in the state Bureau of investigation on charges of illegal movement across the border of a collection of paintings, but he never came. According to authorities, the questioning related to the case, which studies the circumstances "of the movement across the customs border of Ukraine with concealment from customs control in the collection of cultural property, which consists of 43 paintings by world famous artists". Poroshenko said that all the paintings were imported to Ukraine legally and ready to submit originals of customs declarations. He and his wife participated in the opening of the exhibition in the Museum of a name of Ivan Honchar in Kiev, which presents these paintings.