CSTO Secretary General commented on the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies

In the organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) hopes that the US for six months reconsider its decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, this move by Washington is unfortunate and will seriously damage the system of control over military activities, told RIA Novosti Secretary General of the military-political bloc Stanislav Zas.

"The US decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies was deeply regrettable and will certainly cause serious damage to not only the control of military activities, but also the entire system of international security as a whole. In our assessment, this move undermines the trust between the state and significantly reduces the level of transparency on the European continent," said Zas.

According to him, the contract ensures transparency and predictability in the sphere of arms control.

"We hope that during the remaining six months of the leadership of the United States to reconsider its decision, and thereby make a significant contribution to strengthening European and global security and stability," he said.

The President of the United States Donald trump had previously announced the release of their country from the Treaty, accusing Russia of violating the Treaty, which allows the test military movements and measures for the limitation of armaments of the signatory. Russia has denied the US charges breach of contract.

The Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992 and became one of the measures for strengthening confidence in Europe after the cold war. It has been operating since 2002 and allows the participating countries to openly gather information about military forces and activities of each other. Parties to the Treaty are 34 States.