The ex-soloist of "dirty rotten scoundrels" spoke about the work of a taxi driver

The former soloist of group "Otpetye Moshenniki" Igor Bogomazov told how he became a taxi driver during a pandemic.

According to him, all the concerts with his participation was postponed to the autumn, and he decided to find a part-time job at this time.

"Sit on the couch have no right. I have family, small child. I think that it's completely normal to go out and earn in a taxi," said Bogomazov in comments to the Fifth channel.

The artist said that the work of taxi driver is not difficult, but responsible enough because you have to answer for the safety of people.

Bogomazov did not name the amount of his current income, noting that the earnings of a taxi driver depends on his motivation, energy and endurance. However, the musician admitted that it is not difficult to "work the clock".

According to the artist, the passengers did not recognize him, since he observes all safety precautions and ride in a protective mask, and often wears sunglasses.

Earlier, the artist's wife told REN-TV that the singer decided to change profession due to the economic crisis and now earns up to a thousand rubles a day.