"Roscosmos" responded to the idea of giving Rogozin passes to the trampoline center

"Roscosmos" advised the Manager of the network of trampoline centers, ready to give a pass to Dmitry Rogozin, to concentrate his efforts on work with children from orphanages.

Wrote about this in his Twitter account the head of the press service of the state Corporation Vladimir Ustimenko.

Previously managing a network of trampoline centers "Gravity" Dmitry Samodurov told the radio station "Moscow speaking" that is ready to provide Rogozin pass for a visit to your centre and lessons.

In 2014 in response to American sanctions against the Russian space industry, Rogozin, who was then Deputy Prime Minister, suggested that the United States deliver its astronauts to the ISS using the trampoline.

This weekend the theme will be continued. Elon Musk on Saturday, launching manned spacecraft, joked that "trampoline works." The joke provoked laughter from other participants in the briefing by NASA. After that Rogozin in his Twitter wrote that joke like him.