The German government evaluated the possibility of expanding the G7 due to Russia

Change the format of the group of seven through the inclusion of Russia or other countries is possible only by unanimous decision of the leaders of all of the Union States, said the official representative of the Cabinet of Germany Steffen Seibert.

As earlier informed a press-service of the Kremlin, the President of the United States Donald trump during a recent telephone conversation informed the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about his idea of holding in September of the G7 summit with the possible invitation of the leaders of Russia, India, Australia and the Republic of Korea.

"Any change of format is possible only by taking appropriate decisions at the summit. And the practice of inviting guests has always existed", - he said at a briefing on Wednesday, answering the question of how the government relates to the idea to change the format of the group of seven.

The format of "Big eight" has existed since 1998. In 2014, he was reduced to the G7 when the background of events in Crimea, the members of the club decided not to go to the next summit in Sochi and gathered without Russia in Brussels. Western countries have accused Russia of meddling in the Affairs of Ukraine and have imposed sanctions. Moscow retaliated, repeatedly rejected all accusations and claimed to talk to her in the language of sanctions is counterproductive. Recently in the West often hear opinions about the necessity of cancellation of sanctions against Russia.