Sweden regretted the decision not to impose a quarantine on coronavirus

The main epidemiologist of Sweden Anders Tegnell acknowledged that deaths from the coronavirus was too high. He stated this in an interview with Sveriges Radio.

According to him, Sweden should have restrictions Supplement other measures. Tegnell also acknowledged that the country has witnessed too many premature deaths, but it could have been prevented.

"There was a way to prevent it", — he explained.

However, the epidemiologist thinks it is wrong to impose all the measures immediately, as did other countries, as it is not possible to understand which ones are effective and which are useless.

"Maybe we'll find out now, when the restrictions begin to come off one at a time, and maybe in part we understand what we could have done without closing the society", — concluded Tegnell.

Pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 covered almost the whole world. According to the latest who data, there are approximately 6.3 million people living with, 379 thousand of them died.

Sweden, unlike other countries, did not impose hard constraints: despite the spread of the infection, there continued to work providers, schools and kindergartens. Authorities have limited appeal to residents to observe safety precautions.

Now in Sweden the number of infections reached almost 38 thousand, over four thousand people died. It is several times more than their neighbors — Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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