In Hong Kong, commented on the US threats to impose sanctions

Statements from the United States to impose sanctions against Hong Kong due to the bill about national security only intimidation, said at a press conference on Wednesday, the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam.

"This is the full extent of the bullying. The so-called "sanctions" is completely unfounded. The special status of Hong Kong due to the principle of "one country, two systems" and the Basic law, the so-called "sanctions" foreign countries will not affect Hong Kong," said Lam, who arrived Wednesday in Beijing to discuss with the Central authorities of the national security bill.

She added that "the government of the special Autonomous region fully supports the relevant legislative work, and national security is a top priority."

Lam stressed that the development of the draft law on national security in Hong Kong is the constitutional obligation of the Central government of the PRC and caring Hong Kong.

The deputies of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives adopted on may 28, "Decision on the establishment and improvement of legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms to ensure national security in the special administrative region of Hong Kong." The resolution delegates to the standing Committee of the national people's Congress drafting bill on national security specially for Hong Kong.

Preparation of the draft law on national security has caused discontent of anti-government forces in Hong Kong and some Western officials who see it as a desire by Beijing to tighten control over the autonomy. The US President Donald trump has threatened to impose sanctions and revoke the special status of Hong Kong. China rejected any criticism and stated that the issues of Hong Kong are solely an internal matter.

The bill provides for the prohibition of subversive and separatist activities. He suggests a ban on any kind of incitement aimed at the overthrow of the Central government, as well as terrorism and external interference.