In Bulgaria lifted the restrictions on coronavirus

The emergency epidemiological situation in Bulgaria and the related measures will be fully cancelled on 15 June, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Earlier, the Bulgarian government declared a state of emergency epidemiological situation, he replaced in effect since March 13, the state of emergency and will act in Bulgaria from 14 may to 14 June. Authorities announced the opening of cinemas, museums and libraries, which will function under condition of observance of measures of social distancing.

"(After June 15) only social measures, such as 60:40, and the like", - quotes the words of the Prime Minister of the Bulgarian national radio. The head of the government referred to the law on the compensation of employers who continued to pay wages in conditions of quarantine.

Wednesday the Bulgarian Cabinet of Ministers for the first time in 70 days gathered at the face to face meeting. Journalists paid attention that several Ministers were without a protective mask. Borisov explained that the contradictions in the decrees of the Ministry of health and asked the Agency to make adjustments to sanitary regulations.

As at 3 June in Bulgaria revealed 2560 cases of coronavirus infection, died, 146. The average age of the deceased 68.7 years.

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