The expert explained why Musk did not Russian Crew Dragon

US in the person of Elon musk do not go to the Russian way of separate launches of cargo and humans into space, and use their own schema, said RIA Novosti member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky, chief analyst of the Association "Digital transport and logistics" Andrei Ionin.

Previously the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel wrote that Musk and his SpaceX has adopted the concept of separate delivery of people and cargo into space from the Russians. As notes the edition, in the new concept of States provided by the division of transportation of people and materials, as this is the first made in the Soviet Union, and not joint, as in the days of the Space shuttle.

"I think the German journalists try to find what is not there. We should start with the fact that the USSR came first manned spacecraft "Soyuz" and only then a cargo "Progress". Sergey Korolev had to launch a man into space, and cargo into space to deliver started only with the emergence of orbital stations. Not to make a new ship, a cargo version is made on the basis of manned. The Mask is exactly the opposite - he first experienced a cargo Dragon has gained experience and tested technical solutions, and then adapt the vehicle to manned flights, adding a system of emergency rescue, life support and other solutions," he said.

Compare develop NASA's new cargo and manned space vehicles and the Space shuttle program he considers flawed because the Shuttle had its own tasks, e.g. Autonomous flight. The new ships are created only to service the ISS.

Sunday manned spacecraft Crew Dragon with NASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken docked to the ISS. This is the first in nine years of American manned space flight.