Senator Kerimov has filed a lawsuit to "Vedomosti" and Forbes

In Gagarinsky court of Moscow received the claim of Senator Suleiman Kerimov on the protection of honor and dignity to Vedomosti, Forbes and "Version", publication details, claims they have not yet received.

The reason for the appeal to court became the publication of the Forbes magazine (JSC "Rus AC Media"), the newspaper "Our version" (OOO "Version") and the newspaper "Vedomosti" (CJSC "Business news Media"), added Igoshina.

"At the moment we see the claim in the record, but the claims we have not yet received. So basically at the moment it is difficult to say. We don't understand what he wants: to refute or some compensation money. Pre-trial claims, we did not. Also with us, nobody messed with him to the court to resolve this conflict", - told RIA Novosti Director of public relations and marketing Forbes Dmitry Osman.

To rely on facts and to understand what is the claim, according to Osmena, publishing only after it is clear its essence.

"I can't comment on that. I asked our lawyers to clarify what is the subject. But we still haven't received it. And so, in fact, nothing to comment on. Unfortunately, neither electronically nor via email we have not received", - told RIA Novosti CEO "Business news Media" Gleb Prozorov.

"We find out. There are now lawyers understand... I Think, perhaps, probably, something Forbes has printed, we have developed this theme. There is no information," - said RIA Novosti, the owner of ID "Our Version" Nikolai Zyatkov.