The victim will appeal against the decision of the court in the case of rape to police

Protection ex-poznavatelnoe, became victim to a gang rape by three colleagues in the police Department of Ufa, he told RIA Novosti that the appeal against the acquittal of two former police officers and mitigation of punishment to a third.

At the end of 2019, the Kirov district court of Ufa has appointed six to seven years in prison to Yaremchuka, Eduard Matveev and Salavat Galieva for rape colleagues in the police Department, they also had to pay the victim three million rubles in moral damages. Protection ex-the police, the Prosecutor's office of Bashkiria, who asked to assign up to 9 years of imprisonment, and the aggrieved party appealed the court's decision. The Supreme court of Bashkiria today has justified Matveeva and Galieva, recognizing their right to rehabilitation, and Yaremchuk reduced the sentence from 6 to 4 years in prison and ordered to pay the victim 500 thousand rubles.

"Appeal the verdict of the armed forces of Belarus are going to appeal. These disgusting and vile crimes committed three and must suffer punishment for it. The punishment was too lenient: in the workplace, officials of the Orgy, drunkenness, pleaded not guilty and apologized. Compensation of moral harm disproportionate to the crime and serious consequences occurring as a result of the crimes committed", - said the lawyer of the victim Irina Valieva.

Protection of Yaremchuka also stated RIA Novosti that he will appeal the decision to the court of cassation in Samara.

The scandal erupted in October 2018 after at the time 23-year-old poznavatelnoe police of Ufa three accused their superiors of rape on the job. Officers detained and placed in jail, but later released under house arrest. Involved in the story of police officers dismissed from bodies on negative motives, instead of waiting for the verdict, but the same punishment befell the girl: it turned out that at the time of the offence she had been drinking with colleagues. Process in the Kirovsky district court lasted six months, Yaremchuk, Matveev and in court pleaded not guilty.