The decision of the Yakut court on admission "shaman" TM appeal

The decision of the Yakut city court on involuntary hospitalization "shaman" Alexander Gabysheva in the mental hospital will be appealed, said RIA Novosti lawyer Gabysheva Olga Timofeeva.

Earlier Timofeev told RIA Novosti that on may 12, Gabysheva was taken to a psychiatric clinic against his will, she could not see him because of the quarantine. Protection was filed in the Yakut city court about recognition illegal Gabysheva involuntary admission to a mental hospital, the meeting was scheduled for June 3.

According to the lawyer, on Tuesday in the Yakut Republican mental hospital (ACND) held a hearing on involuntary admission Gabysheva abnd the suit, filed in the court of may 30 which stated that "shaman" threat to himself or others, although the evidence is not presented. The lawyer noted that Gabyshev "he feels fine".

"The court satisfied the claim. The decision will be appealed, legitimate grounds for his satisfaction were not available. Before I submitted the claim about recognition illegal actions for involuntary hospitalization. Our claim will be considered tomorrow. Now the court in our suit took place, but rescheduled for tomorrow, June 4, in connection with the necessity of calling the witnesses of the parties", - said Timofeeva.

The mayor of the city of Yakutsk Sardana avksenteva on the personal page in Instagram on the eve of an assize court called the history and Gabysheva "election kartelnogo".

Gabysheva was detained in mid-September, 2019 on the Federal highway M-53 "Baikal" on the way to Moscow. The next day he was placed in Yakut mental hospital for diagnostics, and then released. Concerning the man criminal case on incitement to extremism. Gabysheva second March on Moscow ended on 10 December, when "shaman" and his two supporters were detained, returned to Yakutsk and was fined 1 thousand rubles.

At the initiative of the investigator Gabyshev passed outpatient psychological and psychiatric examination, which found that his statements contains a public call to violent action against the President of the Russian Federation, "shaman" was insane.