Roskoshestvo warned of the dangerous toxins in fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits during ripening may contain toxins, so you need to follow the rules of eating such products, said Roskoshestvo.

"The toxins used by plants to ensure that they have time to reach maturity, and they are not eating ahead of time insects or other parasites. The amount of poison depends on the maturity, processing methods, consumption of the product and of the plant product", - said in the materials of the organization.

For example, green peel potatoes indicates the amount of solanine: it is produced by light can cause severe poisoning and even hallucinations. Damaged areas should be cut, and if the greens are covered with more than half of the tuber should be discarded. In addition, rotting potatoes emit large amounts of carbon dioxide, experts warn.

Solanine also contain the stems and leaves of tomatoes when the fruit becomes pink or red, its content is reduced to a minimum, and fruits are safe. Toxic substances can include overripe mushrooms. Additionally, mushrooms can absorb from the soil heavy metals, radionuclides, residues of agricultural pesticides.

Pit cherries contain amygdalin, which when raskusyvanii and interaction with saliva, it forms the cyanide. For the same reason poisoning can cause and the excessive consumption of apricot pits, but the damage is minimized if they are boiled or dried in the oven, the report says.

Radish in large quantity can cause pain in the liver or dizziness due to toxic glycoside. Nutmeg contains a psychoactive substance – myristicin, but harm can only in large quantities.

Apple seeds contain hydrocyanic acid and if damaged secrete a small amount of cyanide. Hydrocyanic acid can keep and unripe fruits of black elderberry, and beans have phytohemagglutinin, povyshauschie the permeability of cell membranes, including those for harmful substances, experts warn.