The military will help to restore W/d connections in the Murmansk region

More than 100 soldiers and 42 units of special equipment will travel from Bryansk region in Murmansk oblast for assistance in the restoration of the railway after the collapse of the bridge, according to the defense Ministry.

"This guidance on the transfer of personnel and special military equipment of railway troops in the Murmansk region to assist in the restoration of railway communications on the rail road stake – Out", - stated in the message.

It is noted that the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu gave this instruction in accordance with the instructions of President Vladimir Putin. In the Murmansk region will involve more than 100 soldiers and 42 units of special military equipment.

To help in the reconstruction of the bridge will be military train a battalion of the Western military district. Some of them will travel by planes military-transport aircraft of Russian air force, and some by rail.

Military professionals will need to prepare a pit in the rock, to further it was possible to carry out the laying of railway tracks with a length of six kilometers.

Now the military began loading the equipment.

On Monday collapsed a span of the railway bridge on the stretch of the stake - the Output of the Murmansk branch of the October railway, a branch of which was connected to Murmansk with the rest of Russia. As a result of collapse nobody has suffered. This branch in the capital of the Arctic delivered the goods, was a passenger train. The passengers were provided with bus transport from Murmansk to the station Output and in the opposite direction. Upon collapse of the bridge initiated a criminal case.