Media: a third of companies plan to optimize staff

In the next six months, more than a third of companies expect to cut an average of 16% of their employees. This is stated in the study hh.ru prepared for "News".

So, 14% of companies said that their staff "just reduced" and 22% — "rather decrease". With 18% of firms expect to maintain current staff, a 35% increase.

It is reported that the optimization of the state has passed 45% of the companies, on average, she touched the fifth part of employees. 40% of companies the number of staff has not changed in 14% increased.

Previously managing Director of macroeconomic analysis Agency "Expert RA" Anton Tabah said the Agency "Prime" that after the abolition of coronavirus constraints lead to unemployment will be the services associated with recreation, tourism and events. Also fall under attack by those for whom the important role played by the staff.

The government of Russia in the framework of the national plan of action for the recovery of the economy has provided a set of measures for support and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), including deferred taxes, breaks in the audit and support IP.

In particular, for SMEs of the most affected sectors in the first quarter of 2020 provides for the deferral of taxes and social payments, and in the second quarter is exempt from these charges. For entrepreneurs in the affected industries are likely to shrink to a minimum wage of insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance in a fixed amount.

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