Sberbank before the end of the week finished the transition to the new translation system

Sberbank before the end of the week will complete the transition to the new system of transfers with a subscription, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Svetlana Kirsanova.

The Bank since April gradually began to replace the traditional Commission on remittances between physical persons subscription: for that Sberbank has set for the customers monthly limit on the amount of free transfers to 50 thousand rubles. To transfer funds in excess of the limit, the customer must subscribe or pay a fee of 1%.

According to Kirsanova, in the framework of the new billing system is almost 90% of clients of Sberbank will be use of the translation service for free. In General, according to the Bank's expectations, by region number of people that pay for translations, will decline to an average of 10-13%. "Obviously, there is a savings Bank will lose in Commission income – this will be noticeable, but until the figures to speak early" - said the Chairman of the Board.

She noted that the new system includes not only the abolition of the regional Commission but also the implementation of a new system of subscriptions. Currently, the Bank offers the client several different options of subscription, including a subscription that will allow you to do unlimited transfers within the Bank, but the payments without a fee. Only in may the Bank's clients, connected to more than 300 million subscriptions, and the number continues to grow, said Kirsanov.