The curfew has reduced the intensity of the protests in new York

The curfew, which began in new York at 20:00 (3:00 GMT), helped to reduce the intensity of protests in the city – 22:00 (5:00 GMT) the streets of Manhattan almost entirely deserted, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The situation with the mass looting of shops, as it was Monday night, today is not repeated. If the city and there have been incidents, only a single. The correspondent of RIA Novosti has not seen groups of people after 21:00, although it was from the South of Manhattan to the middle of the island to the North.

However, sporadic arrests of people occur for violation of the curfew, in particular, as the channel NY1, near Union square, was arrested a small group of young people.

Meanwhile, mayor bill de Blasio visited the Brooklyn near Barclays center, where on Friday there were riots. As wrote de Blasio in his Twitter, the situation there is very calm. "While the curfew definitely helps, based on all that I saw in Brooklyn and Manhattan for the last three hours," he wrote.

Meanwhile, on Twitter there appeared the publication of young people blocked by police on the Brooklyn bridge. According to media reports, a group of people wanted, despite the curfew, to go from Brooklyn to Manhattan. In the end, they are two sides blocked by the police.