The doctor told me how to deal with weather dependent

Doctor of the highest category Larisa Alekseeva has told in interview to "Evening Moscow", as weather-sensitive people to survive the extremes of weather.

Previously the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that in June the most part of territory of Russia the temperature will be near or above normal, the month will be heterogeneous, with waves of heat.

Alexeyev said that to date, there is only symptomatic treatment of meteozavisimosti. "If you feel spasms of the head, taking antispasmodics, pain in the joints — apply the usual treatment. A good principle is not to leave the house and once again not to risk your health, if you feel the deterioration," said the doctor, advising them also not to burden the nervous system and try to avoid sources of information that might be of concern.

According to Alekseeva, a feature of painful meteosensitivity is that they are virtually indistinguishable from the pain in chronic diseases. "So, if you are unsure of the causes deteriorating the condition, must undergo a medical check-up, because the discomfort can be caused by not only the changeable weather but also diseases of the spine and other problems" - she explained.

The doctor added that to highlight a particular group of the most weather-sensitive people it is impossible, but the hardest to survive changes in the elderly. "It is assumed that the weather sensitivity may depend on the emotional type of the patient's constitutional features and, of course, of major diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, diseases of joints, vegetative-vascular dystonia, heredity," concluded Alekseev.