Vilfand said the reason for bad weather in Moscow

Hazardous weather phenomenon, which was observed in the Moscow region in recent days, due to the "invisible" fronts in the upper atmosphere, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand.

He explained that the front sections divide air masses with different physical properties and different temperatures.

"In our situation, warm and cold fronts converge at one point, there is turbulent mixing horizontally," - said Vilfand.

According to the scientist, this situation in an atmosphere characterized by a high explosive risk, that is, difficult to predict processes.

Vilfand noted that the analysis of the situation was connected all stations of Roshydromet: weather forecasters, forecasters, data scientists, modellers and weather risk assessment. According to the meteorologist, the researchers worked closely with city services, warning of hazards such as wind storm and rain.

Vilfand added that the unpredictability of the situation added to the cyclone, which moved into the center of European Russia from the Black sea.

"All the storm warnings were justified. Forecasters, modelers and forecasters of Roshydromet worked on the operational forecasts and risk assessment. A dangerous phenomenon in any case is detrimental to the economy of the region, it is important to prevent this phenomenon and to minimize the consequences," the tale meteorologist