The American media called flight of B-1B "problem for the Russian Navy"

Strategic bombers B-1B Lancer Military-air forces of the USA during the may flights with the allies over the Black sea practiced the use of anti-ship missiles AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missile to destroy targets a potential enemy, according to The Drive.

According to the publication, demonstrated the United States and partners capabilities can "provide a particularly serious problem for the Russian Navy." According to The Drive, sending the B-1B in the black sea region is "clear signal" to Russia.

Previously, the command of the U.S. air force in Europe announced that two B-1B Lancer took flight over the Black sea, they were accompanied by fighters of the air forces of several countries, including Ukraine. The jets took off from an airbase in South Dakota.

The defense Ministry that the air defense system has recorded the B-1B over the Black and Baltic seas, after a Russian su-27P and su-30CM approached them at a safe distance and accompanied until they changed course.

American bombers before conducting operations close to Russia's borders. The Kremlin noted that such behavior is creating additional tension in relations between the two countries. Moscow has repeatedly urged Washington to cancel these flights, but U.S. authorities refused.