The expert told how to increase the operating time of a smartphone without recharging

Regardless of the model phone you can always improve its performance and increase the operating time without additional charge, said the Agency “Prime” Director General of ANO "Digital platform" Arseny Weltzin.

According to him, you must delete all applications that you do not use. "Sooner or later, they surf the Internet and send various reports, request updates, etc. By removing them, it will increase to 10%," - said the expert.

It is necessary to limit the work needed apps in the background - it can be messenger, social networking, maps and navigation, and search services.

Also, you should switch off additional system services – NFS, GPS\GLONASS, bluetooth and wi-fi - as well as to reduce the brightness of the phone.

It makes sense to use the hardware capabilities of the phone – power saver mode - and watch for updates, the expert said.