Export on Board the flight from Spain fly 150 Russians

Export flight of "Aeroflot" took off from Madrid to Moscow, on Board there are 150 Russian citizens, reported RIA Novosti in the Russian Embassy in Spain.

On the flight were able to get residents of all regions of Russia.

This is another export on a flight from Spain to Russia since the beginning of the cessation of flights in late March. Flight of Aeroflot from Madrid to Saint Petersburg and Moscow were совершен13 APR. A special flight of airline "Ural airlines" may 9 delivered 126 of Russians from Alicante to Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Russian citizens 14 may flew to Tenerife (Canary Islands) and the city of Barcelona to Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Aeroflot may 19, committed export flight Malaga-Lisbon-Moscow.

In addition, in late April on the initiative of the Russian Embassy was able to arrange an ambulance flight from Madrid to Sochi for further treatment at Home four-year old boy who has had major surgery. The twenty-third of March, i.e. before the official closing of regular flights between Spain and Russia, was carried out export of the S7 Airlines flight from Tenerife to Moscow.

Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus as of March 27, stopped regular and Charter flights with other countries. With the exception of export routes, as well as the cargo, postal, health and humanitarian flights, stretches of empty planes to maintenance, transit flights with a landing to refuel (crew change) on the territory of the country and the flights carried out by separate decisions of the government of the Russian Federation.

From 31 March, Russia has reduced the number of export runs as well as set limits on the number of arriving passengers. After that, the arrival of the Russians from the foreign States in Moscow, was carried out through the airport "Sheremetyevo", no more than 500 people a day, or to airports in other regions of Russia - no more than 200 people a day.

At the end of may, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that more than 60 thousand Russian citizens living abroad and expressed the desire to return home export flights.

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