The Ministry of education will develop new requirements to the hostels of the universities by September 1

The Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation jointly with the universities will develop by September 1 new requirements to the hostels because of the situation with coronavirus, the head of Department Valery Falkov.

The hostel, the Minister said, worked, despite the fact that in a pandemic coronavirus educational institutions have switched to a remote format. According to him, from September 1, "everyone would like to work in the normal format", which is necessary to perform this experience and to develop "new protocols activity" other requirements for hostels.

"The requirements (to the dormitories of the universities) given the fact that we tell the CPS, based on best practices of Russian, and they are, we will by September 1, develop and will continue to enjoy," said FAL'kiv in the program "Right to justice" on the First channel.

He stressed that to address this issue, a working group. These requirements for dormitories, he said, are likely to be associated with the introduction of stationary thermometry, sanitation of buildings, the introduction of a schedule of visits to the common areas and mask mode in view of the situation in a particular city, region.

Falkov also explained that a medical certificate for admission to the University applicants are not required to provide it to you later, appropriate interim arrangements developed by the Ministry of education, will be registered in the Ministry of justice.

"All set to start the academic year in the traditional format of 1 September, it is important for us," added the Minister.

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