Kosachev said the situation in the US is a national disaster

The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said national disaster the situation with the protests in the United States that erupted after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

"We're going to sympathize with you, and we will support you. All Americans, not dividing you into "ours" and "not ours". Because your problem is nationwide, it is not divided by parties, races, nationalities and classes. No matter what anyone wanted it to slide," wrote the Senator in Facebook.

He added that he believes the statements of the Russian foreign Ministry on the situation in the US is "perfect". According to him, these statements equally "real concern about the fate of many people, which is publicly beaten and humiliated", including journalists.

Also in the statement of the MFA of Russia, Kosachev says, "mirror the reaction", which is usually manifest in the Russian Federation "imaginary "concern".

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry has demanded from U.S. authorities to take immediate measures to prevent police brutality against journalists. Also, the Russian foreign Ministry expressed outrage at the violence used by American law enforcement authorities against covering the protests in the United States by the international press, including Russia's.

The cities of the U.S., a wave of protests and unrest after the death in detention by police of an African-American George Floyd. One of the officers, who came with his knee on the neck of the Floyd during the arrest, was charged with negligent homicide.