The inhabitant of the Ivanovo region overturned the conviction for perjury

Second, the cassation court of General jurisdiction reversed the sentence to the inhabitant of the Ivanovo region Larissa Podkolzine, she was fined on 15 thousand roubles on charges of perjury in the case of a spouse of fatal accidents, however, according to the defense, her words were invented by the investigator.

"The court overturned the verdict and the appeal ruling, the case is directed on new consideration to court of first instance", - told RIA Novosti in the press service of court of cassation instance.

As the verdict of the district court of Palekh of the Ivanovo region, Podkolzina gave false testimony of a witness in the preliminary investigation and during the trial on the case of her husband. He was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in colony-settlement for the fact that, not having a driving license and being drunk, while trying to overtake knocked down by a car VAZ-2107 of a cyclist. The victim from the received traumas has died on the spot.

Woman giving in that case a witness statement, said that her husband at the time of the accident was with her in the house and herded into a cattle shed, respectively, could not be involved in the crime, the verdict.

The convict followed a similar version: according to him, the above car for a few hours before the accident in the field left his wife because of breakage. Returned the car it was late at night after work on the site. Then Podkolzin found that a car if someone bought it the engine was warm and the windscreen broken. However, the testimony of numerous witnesses to the incident, according to the court, deny this information.

The court in the case Podkolzina wife, in turn, determined that she "misrepresented important for resolution of the case facts entered the bodies of preliminary investigation and misleading the court". In November 2019, she was found guilty in the perjury, the court sentenced Podkolzine to a fine in the amount of 15 thousand rubles.

However, as told the Agency the woman's lawyer Oleg Bibik, the case raises many questions, and his client denies guilt.

"First, the case was filed a year after sentence Podkolzine. The motive of such actions is unclear, but it is obvious that the local police do not something like the single mother whose husband is serving his sentence. Secondly, and most important, nothing like what is said in the sentences, Larissa Podkolzina announced. The investigator, and later at trial, she claimed to have left home earlier in the day, and returned late in the evening, her husband, is not seen," said Bibik.

"In the sentences there is a link to the minutes of interrogation, saying that at 8 PM she and her husband herded cattle, but really in the Protocol there are no such words, the phrase she assigned. In fact, the investigator came up with that phrase, the Prosecutor supported him, and the court ruled unjust verdict," he said.