"Knows a lot". In Ukraine, trying to dismiss the real "host country"

In the Parliament gather to vote for the resignation of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. His subordinates once again "distinguished" — raped a woman and did not prevent the mass shooting in the Kiev region. But the interior Minister not so easy to take. RIA Novosti understood why the power Avakov is constantly growing.

Initiative to dismiss the Minister of internal Affairs belongs to the Deputy of the Pro-presidential faction "servant of the people" Evgeny Shevchenko. "In our gym there are people strong? Or we will continue to watch Mr. Avakov continues to destroy our country?" — he said to the parliamentarians.

In the end, forty "strong" there — they have signed the corresponding draft resolution. This happened on the background of the two resonant stories: Kagarlitsky in the Department of police raped a woman, and in Brovary, the security forces failed to prevent the shooting.

Avakov have been trying to send in his resignation. Five years ago in the Parliament was unhappy with the unsuccessful rescue operation in Nepal, which is the responsibility of the emergency service of the interior Ministry. The MPs accused the Minister to delay reforms, scolded for the behavior of subordinates. Then, for example, unknown assailants beat the journalists near the mansion of the daughter of the Deputy Avakov Chebotar Sergei. Chebotar quit Avakov left.

In the same 2015 media Minister predicted the end of his career and the case of the battalion "Tornado", the soldiers who killed, raped and robbed in the Donbass.

In August 2016, the police in the district center of curve Lake of the Nikolaev area shot dead a local resident. MP from the "block of Petro Poroshenko" Sergei Kaplin announced that "a number of groups and factions" has collected the required number of votes for removal Avakov. But the Minister retained the post.

In 2017 Rada even voted for the dismissal of interior Minister because of the so-called case of backpacks. Of involvement in the machinations of supplies for the National guard suspected Chebotar and son Avakov, Alexander. The decision was not taken.

In may 2019, when two drunk police officers kill a child in the Kiev region, in the country held rallies against Avakov. He said that he will not leave.

Avakov is the only Minister from the team Euromaidan survived all the political turmoil. The former head of the Kharkiv region and a successful businessman launched the "Maidan Council" in February 2014. The Verkhovna Rada adopted it. Avakov promised to form the management Agency of representatives of "Right sector" and the so-called "Self-Maidan" militants of the opposition.

But almost immediately showed that put in a stall nationalist freebooters. In March 2014, fighters of special forces "Falcon" during the arrest of members of an organized criminal group killed the "hero of the Maidan" Alexander Muzychko — Sashko Bily, one of the organizers of the "Self" and the coordinator "Right sector" in Western Ukraine. According to the official version, Muzychko had shot himself.

Shortly before the death of Muzychko openly appealed to the security Service of Ukraine (SBU), a statement that the leadership of the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry intends to destroy him and "for this operation you have already created a special squad". So after the funeral, the activists of "Right sector" vowed to take revenge on Avakov.

But he started his own nationalists. In 2014 began the formation of a battalion and then a regiment "Azov", included in the National guard of the Ministry of internal Affairs. "Azov" — exotic even by Ukrainian standards. Political officer of the national guard Jaroslaw Spadaro somehow had to explain that the soldiers are Nazis just "interested in history": "Perhaps they have different views on the national socialist movement in Germany — that's okay too".

Then created a "Civil case" for street protests. In 2016 at its base there was organized a party of "national building", solidaritetshuset with all nationalist movements — from the "Freedom" to the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN)*. Led the party, the former commander of "Azov" Andrey Biletsky, which denies a connection with Avakov.

In the campaign of 2019 Avakov distanced himself from President Petro Poroshenko. Activists of the "Nazarus" disrupted the speech of the incumbent President. According to experts, the position of interior Minister has largely contributed to the victory of Vladimir Zelensky.

Avakov has repeatedly accused that he continues to be enriched, occupying high state post. "Purse", the guardian of the capital and business partner of the Minister called Igor Commitscope. In 2016, the MP Serhiy Leshchenko said that Kotvitsky offshore brought in $ 40 million, and linked it with political ambitions Avakov. "At the very top are of the opinion that $ 40 million Commitscope partially (or fully?) are the money Arsen Avakov. This is more than enough for a successful election campaign of all-Ukrainian scale," wrote the MP in the blog.

But Avakov did not need to spend money. Under the new President, he retained the position, and influence.

The reason for the "vitality" of one employee from the security agencies Andrew (name changed at his request) sees business acumen of the Minister. "While there was hot phase of the war in the Donbass, he has overcome the plants of the regions (members of the "Party of regions". — Approx. ed.). Then there was the reform of the interior Ministry, when he dissolved the old police — corrupt, but experienced. They somehow were investigating the crime. And new can't do anything, only to be photographed," — says the interlocutor of the Agency.

"Avakov has deployed in police business. Reform has been reduced to a change of clothing, but the quota — the patrol should take up that much left, — said Andrey. — Pass all: Opera, patrol, investigators. He took over the emergency, firemen, border guards, all the cash flows in the country are with him."

On the way to power Avakov used and formal structure of the Ministry of interior, and the street group of nationalists. "He's a real master of the country, — said the Ukrainian security forces. — He gives a serious kickbacks for all the Ministers and MPs. That's it, and hold".

According to the Dnipropetrovsk public figure Sergey Yurchenko, the rumors about the sexual orientation Avakov was unlikely to affect his relationship within the interior Ministry. "There the main thing that money went to places where the police are roofs. He manages to do so that the system is balanced: on the one hand, street activists, former dobrobatovets with the other cops. And it is possible to maintain the appearance that there is no rampant crime," explains a spokesman.

Resistance Avakov, says Yurchenko, not only in its power resource, but also in awareness. Therefore, the policy and want to remove the Minister from office — he knows too much. "Avakov informed of what is happening to the tip. And the whole "team ze" is repainted poroshenkovtsy the second row and Sarasate. They're just some of the offices were transferred to others", — says Yurchenko.

To the Minister of internal Affairs left, will have to indict him on more serious arguments than the indignation of members of Parliament.

*Organization recognized as extremist and banned in Russia.