Cheesemaker Orphan winced the word Bulk in the address of a war veteran

Cheesemakers Oleg Orphan, who starred in the movie RT on amendments to the Constitution, not hurt insults of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, according to the farmer, it jarred remarks about other participants in the video veterans of the great Patriotic war of Ignat Artemenko and doctor-heart surgeon Leo Beaucaire.

The RT in anticipation of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation prepared a video in which Russian public figures and artists read out the preamble to the basic law of the country. After that, Navalny posted a video in his Telegram channel, accompanied by an offensive comment.

"I'm not worried myself, I don't sugar - melt. It is clear that there are supporters, there are opponents", - told RIA Novosti the Orphan.

"I was in the story most of all jars on one. Okay, he calls me bad words, I will survive. But what he calls veteran who fought for our country, accomplished the feat - I cringe. And Leo A. Bokeriya - he saved thousands of lives, people deserved. Its something for that? How is he any conscience at all enough?" he added.