Head FNS has opposed the criminalization of "gray" wages

The head of the Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia Daniil Egorov opposed the introduction of criminal liability for paying "gray" salaries.

Criminal penalties the managers and owners of the enterprises for paying salaries "in envelope" in late may, was proposed by the head of the budget Committee of the Federation Council Anatoly Artamonov.

"I believe that the shadow economy is present in almost any country, and try to react to it institutions in the form of criminal punishment – I have serious doubts that this will lead to the result", - said Egorov in the program Vladimir Pozner.

According to Egorova, solve the problem of gray salaries and without any further repressive measures. He cited the example of the work of the tax office dealing with schemes for the payment and reimbursement of VAT, which the tax became one of the most collected in Russia – without stricter accountability for such violations.

"We need to learn to think that we are not just taking some penalties, especially criminal liability, because it forms a not very useful immunity to tough measures," - said the head of the FNS. To help, in particular, can develop services that will make tax administration transparent and convenient. As a good practice, he recalled the introduction of special tax regime for self-employed people.

"We had data about people who do not pay taxes: taxi drivers, sellers on the Internet and so on. And the question arose: should we take action against the huge number of people or we need to offer a mode that is more suited to them. We were weighing. And we realized that, having a huge antagonism from our actions, we don't get a loyal taxpayer. So we began to develop a regime that these people most suitable. Here is our selection" - said the head of the FNS.