Spain has not recorded deaths from the coronavirus during the day

No lethal outcome of patients diagnosed with the coronavirus has not been registered for the last day in Spain, follows from the data of the Ministry of health of the country.

Since the epidemic began in Spain died 27 127 people, over the last seven days – 34. Exactly the same figures - 27 127 – figured in the report for Sunday and Monday. Thus, for the second consecutive day in the country there is no lethal outcome in patients with COVID-19.

The number of new identified cases of infection in the last 24 hours was 137, a day earlier – 71. The total number of patients since the epidemic began was diagnosed after the performed PCR-test - 239 932.

Last week the hospital received 243 patients who were diagnosed with the coronavirus in intensive care – 11.

The Spanish government at the end of April has developed a plan for gradual exit from quarantine, and in different regions of the mitigation measures occurs at different times depending on the epidemiological situation and the preparedness of the health services exacerbate the situation. All four phases (from zero to third). The movement between different regions is limited. 1 June 70% of the population live according to the rules defined for the second phase. 30% (including Madrid and Barcelona) remain on first.

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