India's Supreme court postponed the hearing on renaming the country

The Supreme court of India on Tuesday postponed hearings on the amendments to the Constitution to change the name of the country on the historic "Bharat", according to the publication India Today.

The new date of hearings is not defined.

"Stop using (the word), "India", it will allow the citizens of this country to overcome the colonial past and to instill a sense of pride in our nationality," - said in the petition filed by resident of new Delhi on behalf of Namah.

He noted that the country's name on the documents is written in different ways - used the name "Union of India", "Republic of India" and "Bharat Sarkar" ("Republic of India" in Hindi).

According to the 1st article of the Constitution of India, allowed both names. It specifically says that "India also Bharat, is a Union of States."

According to media reports, this is not the first such petition. In March 2016, the Supreme court rejected such a petition, and a panel of judges confirmed the verdict, urging the applicant not to play with emotions of people in the country.

It is assumed that the name of the country dates back to the Sanskrit word "Sindhu", translated meaning "river". More often it refers to the Indus river. The word "Bharat" is derived from the name of the legendary king Bharata who conquered and United all the lands of the Indian subcontinent.